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2014 Ukraine Presidential Elections Support Mission

by Paul Maillet

A Brave Step for Peace

by Angela MacKay

A Child, A Donkey and Peace

by Evelyn Voigt

A Most Gloious Journey i.e. How I Became a Peacenik

by Theresa Dunn

A Veteran's Thoughts about Vimy Ridge

by Helmut Lemke

Behind Those Eyes

by Varavadi Monaghan


by Carolyn Affleck

Canada's First High School Peer Mediation Program

by Ernest G. Tannis

Choosing Peace

by Charmaine Panko

Cooperative Games? Are You Serious?

by Koozma J. Tarasoff

Co-operatives and Peace

by John Julian

Cosco Family Reunion 2017

by Cille Harris

Easing Up

by Clyde Sanger

Escape from Hungary

by John Rakos

Faith is Peace: a Walk to Save Our Sacred Site Akikodjiwan

by Albert Dumont (South Wind)

Femmes au coeur du development et de la paix

by Yves Morneau

Finding Peace in my Mind

by Ryanna Hache

Friendly Influence and Personal Choice

by Jed Lehman

Hockey and Peacebuilding

by Richard Moore

How an Aid Worker Gained the Respect of Torturers

by Bruce McLeod

If My Life as a Child Soldier Could be Told - A Book Nsuami - Kadogo

by Evelyn Voigt

It Wasn't War, and It Wasn't Peace

by Harry Monaghan


By Mony Dojeiji

Just Dad

by Ernest R. Stirrup

Le dialogue, un outil de paix

by Nicole Charrettte and 

Les Barabaigs

by Yves Morneau

Lewis Perinbam

by Kevin Brushett

Making Peace Between Two Families

by Ute Gerbrandt

Making Peace with the Ancestors

by Wendy Hamblet

Marking the World a Better Place One Person at a Time

by Diane Brochu-King 

Misiwe Ni Wakoomahgunuk

by Jenny Sutherland

Mommy and Daddy not Fighting Anymore; Just Peace

by Camila Garcia-Monahan

Mother's News

by Susan McMaster

My Babusya

by Olga Kirilof

My Father was a Peacekeeper

by Theresa Wallace

My Friend's Greatest Gift

by Alberto Agreso

My Peace Story - 72 Years On - The Abridged Edition

by Patti Willis

Nature is my Peace

by Kyla McDowell

One Family

by Allan Thornley

One Independent Mom, Four Independent Sons

by Cille Harris

Opening Doors for Survival During the Cold War

by Koozma J. Tarasoff

Our Mahatma Walks the Walk

by Jim Mcfetridge


by Virginia Svetlikof

Peace: An Everyday Activity

by Richard Harmston

Peace: The Way of the Horse

by Marlene Armstrong

Peace and Friendship Caravan International

by Alex Ewashen

Peace on the Job

by Elizabeth Hogan

Peace With a Kid That Used To Be a Bully

by Nathan Hache

Peace, Common Sense, and Being a Lawyer

by Charmaine Panko

Peace, Please

by Pat Hall

Peacebuilding Through Sports

by Ankur Mahajan


by Ben Hoffman

Power of Listening (and Being Heard)

by Gordon Breedyk

Quilting for Peace

by Sharon Henhoeffer

Red Stone Snake Woman

by Jenny Sutherland


by Wendy Lawrence

Returning My Friends To Peace

by Annabella Garcia


by Nicholas Curcumelli-Rodostamo

The Banana Tree Case

by Muzzammil Cader

The Battle of Two Wolves Inside Us

by Jon-Lee Kootnekoff

The Butterfly Peace Garden

by Rev. Paul Satkunanay

The Canadian Peacekeeper

by Timothy Brody

The Collective Unconsious Was Smoldering

by Ron Martin

The Existential Challenge of Our Time

by Earl Turcotte

The Family Meeting

by Janet Dunnett

The Violence Vaccine

by Ben Hoffman

Three Women

by Qais Ghanem

Tough Guy Tragedy

by Jim McFetridge

Water Flows Downhill

by Ingrid Style

Welcoming in the Light

by Jamieson Wolf

What Goes Around Comes Around

by Peggy Florida

What Moves Us To Work For Peace? A Reflection

by William S. Geimer

White Owl

by Judith Anne King Matheson

White Pine Peace Tree

by Judith Anne King Matheson

Women's Leadership in Peace Building

by Ankur Mahajan

You Are Welcome, You All Matter

by Fayyaz Baqir

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