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Peace with a Kid who used to be a Bully


There were these bullies at my school and they were bullies for a long time. They would be very mean to me every day at school.

One time they called me a crap head and I responded incorrectly. I had done the incorrect thing many times before.

They also never wanted to play with me because they did not like me.

The bullying never stopped but one bully apologized for being rude to me. I apologized back for being a tattle-tail. I felt relieved.

It helped that one bully apologized but the other two were still bullies.

I don’t think I will be able to make peace with the other two because they are very stubborn but it is worth a shot.

At least I got one to be peaceful but there is still two left to make peace with.


By: Nathan Haché, Age: 11

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