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Cosco Family Reunion 2017


The Cosco family reunion has been going on since 1969, every 5 years or so, in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, where 13 of the 14 children were born to Frank Cosco and three successive wives.

Papa entered Canada from Italy in 1898, and later brought over his first wife, Savaria and young son Peter, to establish the first grocery store in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

Savaria birthed six more children, and when she died, Papa married Katy. My Mom was the first born to Katy, who looked after the children and birthed six children of her own until her premature death.

Papa married Frances who had one more child. It’s a long and tough story of hardship and love.

Where is the peace story? The Cosco family is a peace story in itself.

From difficult beginnings, with strong personalities that led to conflict and lingering hard feelings, the original family drew compassion and peace from their faith to create the Cosco Family Reunion legacy that continues after 11/14 of the original family have passed, and 3/14 remaining are not able to attend.

The second generation recently stepped up to continue the legacy. Cousins and offspring came from far and wide and here we are, back again discussing the future and what is possible, in peace, harmony and love.

I’ve been to about half of the Cosco family reunions, getting here by car, plane, train and motorhome twice – once with our four sons and this year with my husband, Rob. Yes, it’s an effort; over 24 hrs of driving from Ottawa, costly both in time and resources, and mentally/emotionally draining.

The rewards? Reconnecting and strengthening relationships with extended family from as far away as Hawaii, LA and BC, as well as Sioux Lookout and closer cities like Winnipeg.

This year is no exception. Three days of driving to be greeted by two dozen excited cousins and their offspring, which was just the beginning of four days of gathering, talking, laughing, crying, caring and loving.

What did we do? Lunches and dinners together, especially Italian night - making the pasta and sauce from scratch, and a pig roast on a spit, Mass, spirit walk in the cemetery, beaches, fishing, bonfires, shopping, golf, hike, auction, float plane rides and a family meeting to name a few of the activities.

I was moved in Mass with the words, “Peace be with you, and with you. Let us offer each other a sign of Peace”.

After kissing my husband on my right, and my brother-in-law on my left, I turned around to see a dozen cousins’ smiling faces.

I was, and still am, overwhelmed with gratitude for our relationships and our family.


By: Cille Harris, “Real Alternatives for Out Living the Dream!”

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