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What Goes Around Comes Around


In summer, my sister, brother-in-law and I enjoy hiking from their cottage. My brother-in-law plans the hike in advance, consulting maps and digging up whatever history he can find about the area. Both the planning and the activity have become a ritual for us all.

We had been walking a long time and were almost home when two men and a woman approached us and told us we could not trespass on the land, as it was their traditional camping and fishing area. Although they didn’t say so, I assumed they were indigenous.

Their words and manner were intimidating. My brother-in-law did all the talking; my sister and I were both silent. He spoke softly and well, explaining that we had no idea we were trespassing and that we were respectful of the land and nature. He said we were on our way home and asked if we could continue on our way until we reached the cottage. The conversation went on for quite a long time; the others did not seem to be backing away at all.

During a rather uncomfortable silence, the man who started the conversation looked at me and said, “Do you play the violin?” I said “yes”. He said he remembered me playing at a fund-raising event his organization had held the previous year. I was flabbergasted. (I’m not good at all at recognizing faces). He welcomed us to his land and wished us well on the rest of our hike.

Like I said – what goes around comes around.


By: Peggy Florida

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