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White Owl


In sharing my story as a Peace Ambassador, Advocate and Activist for Earth, I am a 73 year-old Universalist Grandmother with life experience in six cultures. My husband Bob and I have two children and two Grandchildren after fifty-one years of marriage as a Foreign Service Couple beginning in Tanzania, East Africa 1967.

The Aboriginal Grandmothers, my wisest teachers, tell me we must care for ourselves to stay alive a long time! We are ancestors showing younger people wisdom to see that what we are doing to the Earth is not natural. They also tell me we are here to remember the reason we came, to live joy and protect water, that we are all creators of a new life on Earth.

Trained in listening presence in hospital spiritual/palliative care ministry and, as a Spiritual Director in 1998 under the auspices of the Upper Room of Prayer, I co-founded the Heart + Soul Light Centre, a spiritual growth centre embracing Aboriginal understanding, creating sharing spiritual circles to share the vision of the late Algonquin Spiritual Leader Grandfather William Commanda, founder of the “Circle of All Nations and a Culture of Peace.”

On radio CHIN sharing this visionary voice that attracted leaders to hear his wisdom from all over the planet and inspired hearts with the seed to see the returning of this sacred land and waterway back to his people, to restore it to its original magnificence as, once again, an ancient Spiritual Mecca meeting place for all to visit and give thanks. He saw the need due to pollution and Climate Change to build an “International Indigenous Peace Healing Centre” so wise voices of Elders would be heard teaching us how to work with nature, not against her.

My life is blessed to live and learn the spiritual ways of sharing in mutual, equal, respect and trust without which there cannot be peace. Here are some highlights: 1995-Attending the Sacred Assembly in Hull called by the late MP Elder Elijah Harper was life changing!

2009: Honoured with the Peace Ambassador award from Universal Peace Federation.

2011-2012- Trained as Agent of Conscious Evolution with Barbra Marx Hubbard, the Shift network and as Project Co-ordinator of “Birth 2012 and Beyond” celebration of the Canadian Museum of Civilization worldwide celebrating the Mayan Calendar and indigenous Algonquin peoples. See for ongoing multi-media interviews.

2012–2015-Recognised as a Grandmother with spiritual name White Owl invited as Peace Ambassador to attend the “2013 World Summit on Peace, Security, and Development” in Seoul, South Korea.

2015- Helped organise the burying “Earth Treasure Vase” tradition from Tibet protecting and healing Earth and all beings.  Following this, at Truth + Reconciliation Process, was gifted with a Golden Eagle Feather by an Inuit Elder from the Crow Family.

2016- Speaker at 41st Annual International SSF-IIHS Conference. “Becoming One with Universal Consciousness and the Significance of the Ottawa River Watershed to Planetary Healing." Serving with cause of ad hoc free the falls group, I became one of four Directors of OWL Outaouais Wellness Learning Centre for wisdom.

2017- As Faith Peace Leader, witnessed solidarity with Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont and many faith leaders that all religious space is sacred.

I believe all citizens can create a new unity of consciousness where ecology is our new economy; using less, we can put nature first in our new synergistic democracy. My faith, life journey has led to the heart of The Medicine Wheel and the Holistic four directions that call us all to seek to live from peace inside in ever stronger, spiritually, moral ways as our legacy as Earth star people for Canada’s next 150 years.


By: Judith Anne King Matheson, Director (OWL) Outaouais Wellness Learning Centre, Co-Founder Heart + Soul Light Centre.

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