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Nature is my Peace


I love Canada…


It is a peaceful country. I find Canada peaceful because you don’t have to worry when you step out of your house that there is danger outside. Also, there is no war in our country. Another part of what makes Canada a peaceful place is that there is a lot of free space with no homes or buildings, so the animals get to live in peace without being disturbed.

When I am at home, I find my peace by getting outside. I also feel peaceful when I spend time with my family. We get to play board games and watch movies together. My parents seem happy and relaxed. We all enjoy spending time together away from work and school.

This summer, I explored the peace and beauty in the nature of Canada. I felt most at peace when I was swimming and going on hikes with my family. I enjoyed these hikes because I got to see the lovely nature of Canada with my own eyes and ears. When I am in nature, I feel happy and I let go of all my worries. I love hearing the sounds of animals. I feel brave and strong when I climb the rocks and trees. It makes me feel more positive about myself and my abilities.

My wish is for people to stop hurting nature and to start appreciating it. Some people may not realize that nature can bring them peace as well. I want everyone to have the chance to enjoy nature and find their peace. This will help to make our world a better place.


By: Kyla McDowell, Age 9

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