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Finding Peace in My Mind


Each morning, we wake up and think. That’s what your bed’s for, isn’t it? Even when I’m asleep, I’m still battling thoughts. For many people, every day is a new start. For me, every day is quite literally a new day and nothing more. This is a story of how I battle my mind every day to find peace.

Sometimes, everything becomes too much and sometimes I just need to feel the warm tears run down my cheeks. Some days, I may just sink my head in my pillow and let it all out even if it doesn’t change anything. I don’t want to live a life where every day is the same and every day I open the same books and do lots of homework which stresses me out. The same thoughts pop up and it’s almost like I’m trying to find reasons to make myself sink my head in my pillow.

That’s why I step outside and find a place where He is with me; a place that He created. I step into the green where the trees stand tall and the leaves crumble underneath. Instantly, I feel relaxed. My mind wanders off in thoughts but they seem to leave my body. Everything is still and quiet except the beautiful sounds of the nature around me.

In the place that He created, I am close to Him. Alone or sharing the moment with others, I feel peace. Being outside and taking a breath of fresh air, I close my eyes and put my hands together in prayer. I set goals to only hang out with people who make me happy and I try to think about happy thoughts.

Then my eyes open and I’m in my bed again, my thoughts returning home also. Maybe the thoughts will never leave, but as I get closer to God, peace fills my mind. I know that no matter what I have done or left undone and no matter what anyone else thinks of me, He loves me.


By: Ryanna Haché, age 13

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