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Peace – The Way of the Horse


Peace has many different meanings - Peace from war, violence or hostility, Inner Peace, Nature’s Peace. I want to tell you about the “horse” peace and how it can teach us humans about true peacefulness, about being in a true state of serenity and calmness.

Our horses at Unbridled Coaching - People WhisperingTM - show our clients how presence = peace of mind. You see, horses are prey animals who have survived on the planet for more than 50 million years. They are completely attuned with their environment. So completely that they can detect your heart rate from 200+ feet away. And they know how to detect danger in the split of a second. In a wild herd, the lead mare simply needs to caulk her ear and the whole herd will look up. If she says there is true danger, they all run; if she said there is no danger, they go back to eating the grass.

Horses are a flight animal so their first instinct is to run. Funny, though, once they have run far enough away to feel safe and the so called “danger” has not followed them, they will turn back around and look and slowly and cautiously approach whatever it was that was so scary. Once the “danger” has dissipated, they will come back to the present moment. Ah, the present moment! Yes, that moment when there is no future to be anxious about and no past to be sad or feel regret about. That moment when all is right in the world.


Horses are connected to their natural intelligence. Something that humans seem to have lost over the years. What do I mean by natural intelligence? I mean our intuition, our ability to read and listen to our bodies. In our societies and fast-paced world we have come to learn to disconnect from our bodies, to override them and to spend most of our time in our heads, telling stories about what is going on in our life — most of them untrue and most of them exaggerated.


Horses are spiritual beings who reach us to the depths of our soul. Once you have seen yourself through the eyes and soul of the horse, you will find that inner peace you so sought after. You will see yourself as completely perfect in your imperfection. You will find that serenity, that calmness that we all long for. Living in their presence is a gift that I am eternally grateful for.


By: Marlene Armstrong, Co-founder, Unbridled Coaching

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