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The Arts

A Brave Step for Peace

by Angela MacKay

Becoming Peace

by Dr. Julie Comber

Being a Mensch: Bob Bossin Gabriola Island, BC

by Carl Stieren

Boy with Umbrella

by Blaine Marchand

Dancing with Elephants - or, How to Die Smilling

by Jarem Sawatsky


by Patricia Hall and Vera Kielback

Easing up

by Clyde Sanger

Faithfully Yours

by V. Paramasinga

It Wasn't War, and It Wasn't Peace

by Harry Monaghan

Ladle Power Diplomat: Peter T. Oglow (1913-2004)

by Koozma J. Tarasoff

Manifesto in Times of War

by Henry Beissel

Marking Time

by Blaine Marchand

Mother's News

by Susan McMaster

Music - My Conduit to a Place of Peace

by Gerri Childs

My Friend's Greatest Gift

by Alberto Agreso

Peace Has Broken Out

by Henry Beissel

Peace in a Time of Net Curtains

by Patricia Mahoney

Peace Song

by Larry Ewashen

Quilting for Peace

by Sharon Henhoeffer


by Wendy Lawrence

"Several Arrests Have Been Made"

by Susan McMaster

Silent Woman

by Virginia Svetlikof

The Butterfly Peace Garden

by Rev. Paul Satkunanay

The Canadian Peacekeeper

by Timothy Brody

The Collective Unconsious Was Smoldering

by Ron Martin

The Painting For Peace

by Shauna Ndoping

Towards a Peaceful Cambodia

by Flora Liebich

Waves of Black and White

by Paulette Schatz

What Goes Around Comes Around

by Peggy Florida


by Blaine Marchand

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