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Silent Woman


Woman, bearer of mankind,

silent as general cry death

to her children,

suffers unspeaking

the loss of her sons

fighting in wars

with no meaning or end.


Woman, mother of mankind,

tranquil, unseeing

as predators hunt daughters,

passive, unfeeling the

pain of the helpless

crying in streets, alone and afraid.


Sanction of freedom denied

to her young ones,

unheeded questions of

her right to decide

to allow the destruction of

humans, children

she'd pained giving birth to

their life.


Woman, silent woman

bare me your soul,

share with me your identity,

but above all tell me

why you allow such atrocities.

The silence was broken, she said,

an unborn child, God created a miracle

whispered His love

breathed soul in a body,


Listen, look around you,

can't you see it, hear it

the spirit of life,

no colour, hatred or pain,

strong as infinity reigns

beautiful as heaven's glow

joins together, mankind to woman.


Her voice echoed 'cross lands declaring,

'no more will I give you my children

daughters, sons to destroy,

away your guns and violence,

enough bloodshed, stealing of souls.


I've waited, watched for a glimmer

soon peace would be part of life,

yet soldiers lay dying

these children of mine,

they can't see, they don't know

it's their time.'


Children huddled in fear

'round the woman

whose silence had smouldered too long,

then listened in joy, tears dry forever

as the sound of her promise

came clear.


'Worlds of this universe

hear me, listen so well

for I am woman

the giver of life,

He is God, giver of soul,

these are our children, together

we stand for the right to live,

remember, this hour has beckoned

I am woman, silent no more.'


By: Virginia Svetlikov.

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