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Faithfully Yours


In a situation when our land Sri Lanka,

With its bells and clocks and flowers gone to dogs

And it with its triple gems gone to rocks

Due to civil war,

In a situation when Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities struggled to survive so far,

In a situation when peace and co-existence was at peril

It was Canadian High Commission and other INGOs came forward

In 1998

For us to emerge as a Consortium headed and guided by

Mr. Senthurajah in the district of Ampara

With Community mobilization,

Engaging in community development activities, facing risks and


The lives of civilians had become sentences without a subject and a predicate

in our district and ended with a comma or question mark due to civil war

and ethnic conflict as a result,

Yet, our Consortium had and has been playing its role to help

civil societies in their needs

through its member organizations, as a strong networking body in the district

till today.

Hats off to all including Canadian High Commission supported

Our Consortium to go ahead with its vision and mission till today.



From the Heart of a Civilian in Ampara District, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka


By: V. Paramasingam, Vice Chairman

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