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Know Thyself and Peace


Sages from around the world have enticed us to find peace inside ourselves to build peace outside. However, when you have a good life, there are no worries about the state of your inner world until the day you finally accept the fact that there is a lot of harassment around you. No matter how much you give, there are always too many takers to have anything left for you. Your energy feels depleted all that time and you begin to wonder if your soul has abandoned you. Then there is a huge life challenge leaving you completely on your knees unable to stand up. The reality is that there is no peace of mind at all and chaos has no challenge on the outside because there is no fight left in you. 


For the warrior, that is not an option. The real inner work to find the shadows starts. The quest to find these beliefs that are filtering everything is on. The understanding that as I clear my programming I become less constricted and I become more open to accept others is key. My search in the sacred texts of many religions had leade me to believe that, indeed as I love my neighbour, I in fact learn to love myself.  As I learn to let go of beliefs of unworthiness, it become easier to value those around me. As I face my worst wounds, I become compassionate and empathetic. Indeed, as I find myself and accept every parts of me, I get closer to everyone. 


This quest is obviously still ongoing. An IPod has the capacity to receive many songs and I know that similarly my brain has received many downloads to keep me safe in my environment during my childhood. But I’m far from my family, my village and my challenges are incomparable with those I had as a child. However, I didn’t know that I could change my ‘stories’ on my IPod. Now I know better.  


My best peace story is finding myself to be in peace. I aim to align my sparks, my thoughts, my plan and my actions with the basic value of peace. I read about coherence and core so my learning is also ongoing. In alignment there is no energy wasted and instead there is an open space where I can receive the other in all of his or her splendour. I become curious. I receive their judgements, their fears and I can also hear their hopes.  I can meld with them with an open heart with no fear of loosing myself. 


In peace, I know that I’m a better activist for social justice. I can build foundations because my sight is clear and my listening is generative. My creativity in finding solutions and connections is not impeded by my sadness, my fears or my anger. I can become an adaptive and emotional leader to work for the betterment of my group and partner with other groups so that collectives grow together. 


Being in peace encourages us to continue the expansion of self to a point of full inclusion of all that constitute humanity. It is a tall order for it is easy to appreciate and to work with those with the same values. It is harder to do the same with those with lower level of consciousness or with leaders with narcissist behaviours.  However, it is our challenge and our invitation. For only in a true position of recognition of the other as worthy will you be in true dialogue and potential partnership to build together the world of peace. 

by Sylvie Lemieux

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