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The Road Traveled


The road is long and ever winding; 
Searching your truth is hard finding; 
It was deemed normal to have luggage so full; 
Twin items found missing, yet you feel a superficial pull; 
A moment to rest, you sit on a rock; 
Figuring what path to take, you ponder in thought; 
Realization occurs, walking the path with a lighter suitcase; 
Makes it easier for one to pick up the pace; 
Such that the road becomes straight and smooth; 
Even with all the hills to face you are in the groove; 
With yourself in free thought and intended action; 
Lessons become a breeze even when there is traction; 
But keep in mind the straight road will have pot holes; 
Just remember they are easy to fix even when your heart folds; 
Meditate softly, again, helping your heart open; 
In quiet peace or while listening to Chopin; 
Taking time to find yourself will help you grow; 
Thus will make it easier to live in flow; 
On your road you may find a stream; 
Then stop for a moment and allow yourself to dream; 
Enjoy the water with all it's ripples; 
They are there to remind you not to stay crippled; 
And just how do you end this story?  
Ahh, it never ends, as the love of life is full of glory! 

Juanita Foucault 
Creative Spark, Northern Lights Maple Ltd. || 

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