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Refugee Dolls


September 2016, Pat Hall organized a group of ladies who would be willing to knit/crochet Izzy Dolls for refugee children.  Pat was able to enlist 10 to 15 ladies to help with this worthwhile mission.     

The group has made over 300 dolls, each one a little different.  The face colours vary from white, brown, black and some even with none skin colours.   

One person was very ingenious with her dolls, with bibs, aprons and even a made one with a little baby doll of its own.  Some had big hats, baseball caps, some with skirts, as I said, each person made them differently.   

It was a joy to make these little dolls and we put ourselves into each one.  Showing off the completed doll to the group made it sometimes difficult to part with them.  We continue to meet weekly and knit these Izzy Dolls and will continue as long as there is a need.   

There was a picture of Prince Harry giving out an Izzy Doll to a patient.  Our dolls are shipped to Trenton, Ontario, where they are packed around the medical supplies destined for refugee camps.   Wonderful what can be done for others! 


Enclosed is a picture of some of our Izzy Dolls—cute aren’t they! 

Vera Kielback

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